Shooting for Public Relations is a lot like shooting for magazines and newspapers as your main objective is to photograph for prominent media placement.

Most media outlets these days can't afford to hire a photographer so it falls on the PR company to provide them with photos that they will be excited to use and display prominently.

After 20 years of working for the top media outlets in the country & world (Including the Associated Press & The New York Times) I have a good sense of what you are looking for .


Why put Marketing & PR photos together?

These days most companies are streamlining by merging their PR and Marketing depts together. So why not make it easy for people to find a photographer that can do it all.

Shooting digital for over 15 years has helped me master digital photography. Currently I use a 24 mega-pixel Nikon professional SLR camera that captures the finest images. Though if the need arises I still have my film cameras ready to go.

In these economic challenging times I'm always willing to work with clients needs and budgets. For a quote or rate sheet I can be reached at 215 432.3029 or

"Best Photos of the Year" - Time Magazine 2006

"Best of American Society of Media Photographers 2007"

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