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I came up with the idea for a dog cookbook idea while sitting with my little white dog Maddie dining outside the White Dog Cafe in 2007.. One bite for her, one bite for me.... and I thought wouldn't it be great if restauarants had menus for dogs.

I asked one chef on an occasion about the idea and he told me about how he cooked from the kitchen for his two dogs. And then proceeded to tell me all about his dogs and I realized it was more than just a recipe, but cooked with love.

I of course wanted to shoot the chefs with their dogs but needed a talented writer to write about the love affair behind the food. That same week I met Kit for lunch at again, The White Dog cafe to talk about the ill-fated racehorse Barbaro whom I had photogrpahed intensively. Once Kit started talking about her three dogs I knew she was the person who could help me take this idea to the next level. She loved the idea and well the rest is history, or better said, 30 chefs and dogs later, a beautiful doggy cookbook called The Culinary Canine

Here are some of the photographs that made it and some that didnt! Enjoy!















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