God Speed Big boy!

May you be running in greener pastures. You have touched so many lives including mine, I like others am richer for walking in your presence.

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Barbaro on the front of the NY Times

Some nice emails

Dear Sabina:
I loved your photos of Barbaro. I had been so sad since he died. Seeing your pictures made me smile. Thank you for sharing them with me. He was a beautiful horse!!!
Jan McWilliams
Fargo, North Dakota



First, please let me my condolences to you on Barbaro's passing, because I know how special he was.

Barbaro had grace, beauty and the heart of a true champion.  He will be deeply missed by myself and others.

An FOB forever.

Susan Puleo


Sabina -

Just came across your web site and felt compelled to e-mail you a big THANK YOU for your fantastic photos of the GREAT BARBARO. As a big fan of sports and a follower of the racing industry, I can only imagine how awesome it is to be as close to Barbaro and his caregivers as you. Your photographs, particularly of the 'big-headed' Barbaro in his stall, truly depict his tremendous personality and spirit. Thank you for giving us a closer view of this magnificent horse.

-Mike Tsung
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132nd Kentucky Derby Winner!!!

This photo journal comprises photographs of Barbaro as he valiantly fought for his life at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center. I'm hoping to expand it into a book as there are many wonderful photos that have never been seen and stories to be told. It was an honor to photograph him. He struggled with grace and courage that we would all be lucky to have in the same circumstances. I will forever be in awe of him. He is a true champion.

I was the exclusive photographer. I documented and spent time with him as he was compassionately cared for at The University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton center. My image of Barbaro rising above the recovery pool; an inage practically impossible to capture as the room was very dim and I was shooting hand held in available light.. was picked by Time magazine as one of "The Best Photographs of 2006". My images were seen on every majorTV news show and print news the next day. Though, it was all Barbaro, he was the star...

Through my work with him I was also chosen as 10 of the "Best of American Society of Media Photographers" in 2007 for my images of Barbaro as he fought with grace to heal and how it concided with my own "medical miracle" , a catstrophic horseback riding accident that mirrored his as it severely injured me and should have left me in a wheelchair for life.

This photo is the most famous of Barbaro's journey. It was on every newspaper the day after his surgery and on every TV screen across the country. I created it after Barbaro regained consciousness from his 5 hour long surgery. The exhausted 1100 pound colt was lifted out of the recovery pool and transferred into a padded stall so he could stand safely. Currently this photo is hanging on a 6ft by 7 ft panel in The Horse! exhibit at the American Musuem of Natural History in New York city and also in the exhibit Ride On! at the Racing Museum in Saratoga NY and The Kentucky Derby Musuem. Someday I hope it will hang in the Smithsonian as it was the moment the nation really cared about a horse!.


Dr. Dean Richardson, Barbaro's surgeon watches happily how Barbaro is using his injured leg.

Dr. Emma Adam listens to B's heart during one of his morning exams.

He was a real beauty after his Saturday bath.

Like most horses he liked to have a good roll afterwards, even if he was in a stall.

Sometimes in a quiet moment he would love a good scratch behind his ear!

Edgar Prado, his jockey visited him regulary. Barbaro was happy to see Edgar, though he wasn't keen on being kissed in front of the camera. He was a racehorse after all!

On this occasion Barbaro was visited by his OR staff. It was the first time they saw him after his operation. They were happy to see how well he was doing.

Michael Matz , Barabro's trainer would visit him everyday. Barbaro respected him.

After his initial injury started to heal, Barbaro was taken out everyday to graze in the green grass.

This is one of the last pictures of Barbaro taken. I call it "Soulmate"s. Barbaro was being prepped to go to Kentucky for rest and rehabilitation, but shortly after this photo a terrible infection called Laminitis infected all four of his hooves and he had to be put to sleep. It was too much pain. Even for him.

Big B& Me (I liked to call him Big B)


Barbaro had a huge influence on my life. He jetted my career & gave me strength to thrive when I broke my back in a riding accident during my time photographing him. During the 3 months I was on limited house rest in a clam shell body cast he gave me the strength to cope and heal. I thought if Barbaro can make the best of spending 24/7 in a 12x12 foot stall I can surely do it too.


I have been around prime ministers, presidents the Mother Tersea and even the Dali Lama, but the only person I ever wanted my picture with was him..

Big B on the first day he was allowed out to graze. During the summer and fall months B spent a half hour each day outside grazing, weather permitting of course. The fall temperatures stayed warmer than usual that year and the grass kept growing. I thought it had to be so B could come outside and graze.


Though he wasn't keen on coming in, he did so begrudgingly. He was a good horse.




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